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Re-win your tender program



Do you have an important contract coming up for renewal that you know you will need to tender again?

Significant contracts can be costly to lose – both financially but they may also result in you losing key people – or needing to let them go.

The lead up to re-tendering a significant contract can be stressful for your teams and you might even lose your best talent due to the uncertainty.

That’s why I created my Re-win your tender program.

Delivered through a series of online workshops with your team, Re-win your tender gets you focused on what you can do whether you have months or weeks until the tender is released. It gives your team the confidence they are doing everything in their power to prepare for the re-tender.

Guided workshops to help you re-win your tender

Session 1: Looking back on the successes

  • Success story timeline
  • Have we delivered what we promised?
  • What do we do that we haven’t told them about?

Session 2: How will we re-win this tender

  • What is important to stakeholders
  • Strategy alignment
  • Win themes

Session 3: What’s next

  • Conversation plan: what do we need to talk to them about before the tender is realeased
  • How can we get our differentiators into the tender
  • Content that can be written now
  • Project plan

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