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Tender Advice from Newcastle-based Tender Expert Rebecca Skagestad

As a tender writer and bid manager with 25 years of experience and many, many tender wins, I will help you write winning tender responses. My products and advice will ensure your responses cut through and deliver the information evaluators are looking for. 

Tender Advice from a Tender Expert

Tenders are crucial to stay in business but they can be confusing, time consuming and costly

Tenders are a key way to grow and innovate your business, but the process can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. Hiring consultants to write tenders for you can be expensive.

I can coach you through the tender writing process and guide you with advice and templates so you can quickly produce compelling responses in-house. After all, you are the expert in your industry and business.

My straightforward approach is proven to help you tender more cost effectively and quickly with great results. I will teach you how to quickly organise and elevate your tender responses.

I have more than 25 years’ experience tendering to the public and private sectors across many industries and all continents. 


The Tender Advice Advantage


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Tender Writing and Help

I can help you answer the tricky questions, review a response you have written or write the whole tender for you.

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Tender Bootcamp

First time tendering or want to improve your win rate? Join our tender bootcamp each Monday and be guided through a week of support to help you to respond to your tender.

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6-week Intensive Tender Uplift

For our VIP clients, a 6-week journey for your team to make sure future tender processes are easier and your win rate is higher.

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If you would like some expert advice on responding to a particular question about your tender, I can help. 

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What People Say

"Really really strong first draft – you are the master!"
Marketing Director,
Australian insurance company
"Finally! First award by the public sector! Definitely couldn’t have managed it without you!"
Managing Director,
HR consultancy, UK
"Good news, I have had an unofficial nod that we are getting awarded the contract later this week. They noticed a massive difference in the quality of our tender from the last one we submitted, and I believe we were actually a lot more expensive than another tenderer but won it on our quality scoring. Thanks again for all your work, our partnership certainly works!!"
Managing Director,
Technology provider, UK

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