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The Tender Advice Advantage

The key to writing successful tenders, bids and proposals is communicating your experience, and providing evidence of your ability to deliver.

Your company’s strengths are not always easy to see when you work in your business every day. 

My process will help you to document and present your business in a way that clearly communicates your capabilities to evaluators amd makes you a genuine contender. Work with me to understand how you can increase your win rate.

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Access Great Tender Content

I’ve simplified the process of responding to tenders, bids and proposals by providing simple and effective guidelines and templates that you can download today and use to improve your responses straight away.


Tender Advice

You can work with me one-on-one to get support with an area of the tender where you need some explanation or a best practice answer, talk through your tender approach or find out why you didn’t win a tender. Winning contracts is vital to the growth of your business so don’t spend your evenings and weekends writing another tender that won’t win.

Book a call with me today to:

  • Ask how you should answer a question
  • Talk through your strategy for a tender
  • Find out why you didn’t win a bid 
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Tender Reviews

Have you written your tender but need a second pair of expert eyes to make sure your response shines?

I can review, edit and proofread your response to make sure it reads well, looks good and answers the questions.

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Invest in uplifting your tenders

Join my 6-week intensive uplift program that will help you or your tender manager to build the skills and content you need in-house to support your tendering and win contracts. Over six weeks you will:

  • Be a VIP priority customer, able to ask as many questions as you want with a quick turnaround time on guidelines for responding
  • Have 6 x one-on-one weekly coaching calls with me to discuss your strategy and challenges
  • Participate in a structured learning program that supports you to elevate your bid library and content so you can win tenders regularly and more easily
  • Get access to templates and winning tender content 
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Tender Audit

Have you spent a lot of time submitting unsuccessful tenders? I can review your previous tenders and identify what you have done well and where you can improve to ensure a better strike rate in future.

  1.  Have you responded to all sections of the tender and is it compliant?
  2. Is your offer to the client clear?
  3. Have you shown the benefits of working with your company?
  4. Could your tender be better presented or read better?

Easy to read, relevant information is a winning formula. 

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Coaching Services

Maybe you are competing against larger companies that utilize a professional in-house tender team.

Maybe hiring a tender consultant is outside your budget.

Or perhaps you are new to the tender writing or bid management field and you’re looking for some guidance in building your skills.

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