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Guideline: Get Ready To Tender

The Get Ready to Tender Guideline is designed to help you:

  • Get started with tendering, or
  • Get better organised for your next tender process.

Preparing the information you are likely to need before a tender is released will give you more to refine your offer, and less stress while you are tendering.



Do you want to get started with tenders? Is a contract that you have held for many years suddenly being tendered by the procurement department? Have you started the tender writing process but need support or guidance on how to complete it?

I’ve simplified the process of responding to tenders, bids and proposals by providing simple and effective guidelines and templates that you can download today and use to improve your tender responses straight away.

The Get Ready to Tender Guideline is designed to help you get started with tendering or get better organised for your next tender process.

Spending time preparing this information before a tender is released will give you more time to refine your offer. And less stress!

The guideline provides practical steps to prepare for your next tender, including:

  • A list of the key business documents that you may need
  • How to build a library of information that is readily available when a tender comes out
  • A downloadable file structure that you can use to start your library
  • A list of questions to ask yourself or workshop with your team to consider your results to date and how you can position yourself to win

Preparation Checklist

The tender writing process can feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. Writing winning tenders, quotations or proposals involves understanding what information the customer is asking for and giving evidence to back up your claims.

Having a checklist of the most common documents and details you need to prepare prior to starting your tender is going to make it easier when the tender is released.

Tender Library of Documents

My Get Ready To Tender guide you help you to build a library of content that speeds up each tender you complete. It will help you determine which documents you need to collect and create starter content so you are better prepared when the next tender is released.

Benefit From My Experience

Source and assemble elements of your proposal ahead of time so that when the tender arrives you can concentrate on producing the best response, with a lot of the pre-work already done.

Become the tender expert in your business and industry, by having all the information at your fingertips.

The guide will help you to develop content you need (like case studies and resumes) placing you in the best possible position when the tender is released.

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