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5 Different Tender Request Types Explained

Tender requests are the most common way of sourcing products and services, but there are many types so it can be confusing. The term “tender,” which refers to the process of requesting a bid, or your price for delivering goods and services, can be used in several ways. Here’s an explanation of different tender request

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Tender Preparation Made Easy with Get Ready To Tender Template

You know that winning tenders makes great business sense for you and your company, but it can be a hugely time-consuming and stressful experience. Do you ever feel like you are spending way too much time tinkering with your tender application, compiling outdated documents, and struggling to keep them organised? Tender preparation is not a

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What Is Tendering?

Tendering is the competitive process of BUYERS requesting proposals from SUPPLIERS to provide goods or services to their organisation. It is an invitation to submit a proposal that will be evaluated against the requirements specified in the tender document. Tendering can feel overwhelming, even for professional tender writers, as there are several moving parts, unique

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